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Welcome back to the '90s.

The '90s were the times of our lives where everything was fun. There were no Social Media, Celebrities like Leonardo, Brad Pitt, Jay-Z were making a name for themselves in TV, movies, and music. The ’90s were amazing beyond measure.


So, why should you buy this Over Amazing Sexy Retro Sneaker? 😎

1. It is inspired by the likes of '90s Culture, Fashion and Trends. 🌌👽

2. It has an Eye-Catchy and Colorful Design to it which instantly captures attention.

If you buy these, then be ready for answering questions like "Where did you get those from"? by your Friends. 😋

3. It not only looks awesome but it serves the purpose too.

The upper material of the shoe is made of Air Mesh for better Breathability in Hot Summer Days. ✌

4. Matches with variety of Clothing Styles.

Pants. 👌
Trousers. 👌
Denims. 👌

Basically, anything.

 5. Crazy Affordable.

We've made these shoes keeping in mind that anyone can buy these. Gone are the days when a good pair of Sneakers were 100 bucks.


Only 500 Pieces of this beauty were made in our Factory till Corona Virus came to the world. Out of which 400+ Pieces have been already received by Happy Users.

So, you should Get yours now without any delay because we're still shipping them. ✌

Remember, Shipping is always FREE with us. 🤗

Shipping Time usually varies between 2-3 weeks as of now.

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